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Hello, I'm Camilla!

Hello, I am Camilla, a YogaVeda® Coach. I help you improve the body, the mind and the spirit. We can balance your life through the necessary changes with Yoga, Ayurveda, Coaching and Jungian Psychology.
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About me

Welcome to my page! Here I share my heart. The beautiful and the difficult. Love and fear. The extraordinary and the mundane.

I am a YogaVeda® Coach, trainer of Yoga and Hindu Ayurveda Medicine, specialized in Jungian Clinical Psychology, Bioenergetic Regressive Therapy, Bach Floral Therapy. I am also an  Usüi Reiki Master and Transcendental Meditation Guide.


More than 17 years ago I started my professional career, beginning in the Ancestral Medicine of the North American Indians, the Peruvian Shamans and then I travelled for more than 7 years to study in the University of Yoga & Ayurveda in Haridwar, Patanjali YogPeeth, in India, with of the Tibetan monks of the Himalayas and many other holy places.


What inspired me? I had a horse accident that changed my life overnight. I literally broke my back, the spinal shock paralyzed my legs and my entire digestive and endocrine system shut down. I couldn't walk, and that's how I started my path of self-healing ...

Mi Historia Personal de Sanación: Así comenzó todo esto...

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